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Never fear, I will continue the blog until the last clotting episode approximately seven weeks from now. The newly published book, however, is a complete write through and there are major differences between the two.  It is my hope - and my under-nourished bank statement's plea - that you eventually buy the book. So click on that ever-loving link, Gentle Reader. I'll thank you, Sten will thank you, Alex will thank you, and the Eternal Emperor has vowed to put any penny-pinching shirkers up against the firing wall.  
And now we present this week's episode when:


A smile spread across Venatora’s face as the Flame moved closer to her fortress. Soon all that lovely Imperium X would be hers.

She keyed the mike and was about to hail the ship when saw the gunports suddenly yawn open, there was a flash, and a blazing white flare consumed the entire screen. A tremendous force hit the fortress, and she was nearly hurled from her seat.

As if from afar, she heard Marta cry out, “What’re they doing? They’re attacking! They’re attacking!”

Distantly, she could hear other guardswomen shouting. Now came another explosion, and then alarms were blaring and all she could think was that she had been a fool.

The Emperor had tricked her. The mutiny. The theft of the Imperium X. The traitorous conspiracy of Lord Wichman and his son. It was nothing but an elaborate ruse to get her to let down her guard.

And now the Imperial forces would be on her, intent on killing her and destroying The Himmenops Colony.

Cold fury descended, and then an odd kind of calm. She slowly rose, turning up the volume of her power over her women, and soon restored order.

The order remained as a series of jolts rocked the fortress. Her automated defense systems were working and striking back. But unless she moved fast, it might well prove to be too little and too late. Any second now other Imperial forces would join the Flame and wreak destruction on The Colony.

Then Marta shouted that she had reestablished a connection to the outside. Venatora looked up as two guardswomen hoisted a new monitor into place. It blinked to life.

The sight jolted her. What was this?

Venatora expected to see the Flame, accompanied by an Imperial fleet, bearing down on her, chain guns blazing, missile bays aflame. But instead the only thing to appear on the screen was the Flame.

Except it wasn’t attacking!

It was clotting running away!

The charred tail section clearly outlined as it fled a barrage of counter missiles that her automated batteries had unleashed.

And where was the Imperium X? The hundred and twenty five kilometer ore train had simply vanished, as if it had never existed.

Well, of course! She kicked herself for not realizing it before.

They’d hardly risk something so incredibly valuable to bait the trap. She was sure that the after action reports would reveal that the ore train was nothing more than an electronic phantom. Had this always been the case? Had the Imperium X ever existed at all?

Venatora shook off those questions. Silly speculation that should be left for another time.

She would pour it on, by God! She would make them pay!

Venatora issued a stream of orders, and her guardswomen sprang into action. Missiles launched. Mines moved into action. The screen filled with fiery objects all aimed at the departing Flame.

“Shall I scramble the squadron, Ma’am?” Marta asked.

Within seconds, she could send a score of her best Crossbow fighters into the fray. They were small, two-women vessels, but had enough firepower to overmatch ships three times their size. And at their controls were her very best pilots—Zabanya hardened fighters with countless successful ship-boardings to their credit.

Venatora was about to order them into action when it suddenly occurred to her that maybe—just maybe—this is exactly what the Imperials wanted her to do

She had no doubt that Sten’s fingerprints were all over this. The cool trickery he had displayed during the Xypaca debacle was just a small example of just how cunning he could be.

Fury almost overtook her again. He couldn’t hide behind that cocky grin. He was cheating her and enjoying himself immensely while doing it!

“Ma’am? Ma’am?” It was Marta.

Venatora took breath. Cooled herself. Squared her shoulders.

“No,” she said. “Stand down.”

Marta gaped at her. “But, Ma’am—” she stared, but Venatora cut her off with a raised hand.

“That was just a feint,” Venatora said. “The Imperials were testing our defenses. But, rest assured, they will be back. In full force. Next time, we will be ready!”


On the holomap, Sten could see they were approaching the outer edges of Venatora’s pirate kingdom. Beyond lay the No Being’s Land and safety.

He braced himself, fully expecting to be met by all the firepower Venatora had at her command.

Tm’beaty was standing by, ready to unleash thick clouds of electronic flak to confound Venatora’s missile batteries.

Meanwhile, Murgas was primed to take out any missiles that happened to break through.

Ida was using all her skills to retrace the route through the minefield and Kilgour was online with Shaklin, keeping the bishop apprised of everything that was going on.

Doc, of course, was being Doc. Sitting with his paws crossed across his furry little paunch like a miniature Buddha, reviewing everything that had happened and analyzing how everyone had behaved.

Sten turned to Murgas and Tm’beaty. “Report,” he said.

Murgas shook his head. “Nada, Captain. Just that initial barrage, then it stopped.”

“Same here, Captain,” Tm’beaty said. “Figured she’d be trying to turn us into toast right about now.”

Sten glanced at Kilgour, who was listening to whatever Shaklin had to say. He gave Sten a thumb’s all. All was well.

“How about you, Ida?” Sten asked.

“Zip, zero, zed,” she said. “They’re quiet as little mousies over there.”

He nodded at the furry Buddha. “What’s your reading, Doc?”

“Right about now,” he said, “she’s kicking herself for being all kinds of a fool.”

“Sure, but why the silence? The non action? I figured she’d be pouring it on. Giving us all kinds of hell.”

“Which we are prepared for,” Ida said, with a nasty smile. “Boy, did I have some surprises for her.”

“Even so,” Sten said. “She might have gotten in a lucky shot.”

“She’s double thinking us,” Doc said. “That’s her Achilles heel.”

He glanced over at Ida. “Or, her tell, as our gypsy friend would put it.

Ida snorted and shot Doc a middle finger.

Dock turned back with the air of a cat who had amused himself with a mouse.

“Venatora’s double-think habit has led her to believe that we are wiggling our netherparts to draw an attack. And that we have another trick up our—”

He stopped. Looked at his furry paw. Wiggled it. Flashed his fangs in amusement. Then said, “Well, you get the idea.”

Sten chuckled. “Well, she’s right about the trick business,” he said. “It’s just not the trick she’s expecting.”

He looked over at the holomap. They’d crossed into No Beings Land. And safety.

Sten breathed a sigh of relief. Not for himself, but for Venatora.

He hadn’t been forced to kill her, Mahoney or no Mahoney.



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