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             GREGOR'S REVENGE

Sten fished out his com unit, flipped it to Shaklin’s mode, then spoke into it:

“Shaklin? This is Sten. If you hear me, don’t try to speak unless no one is around. Click once for ‘yes,’ twice for ‘no’” He paused, then, “Do you read me?”

After an agonizing wait there came a single click – yes.

“Are we in any immediate danger?”

There was double click – no.

“They aren’t going to fire on us again?”

Double click – no.

In background Ida started chattering. “You don’t know if we can trust him, Sten. I vote we don’t take any unnecessary changes with these clots.”

Sten waved for her to shut up. She did.

He spoke into the mike: “Venatora’s there, right?”

A bit of a wait. Shaklin was probably surprised that he knew. Then came a single click – yes.

“Okay, look, I still think we can work this out with as little bloodshed as possible. Everybody will still get their amnesty and they’ll still get the credits the Emperor promised.

“So the question now, is – are you still with me?”

Instead of one click, or two, there were a series of clicks. Clickclickclickclickclick. Then a pause.

“What th’ clot goin’ on with the wee bairn?” Kilgour said.

Sten finally got it. He said, “And Gregor, Shaklin. The same deal with Gregor. He gets court martialed to the high heavens…

“So, are you with me?”

There came an immediate single click – Yes!

“Excellent,” Sten said. “Just stand by and monitor what’s going on. Then, soon as you can get to a safe place where we talk, give me a call.

“Got that?”

A single click – yes.

And then the connection was broken.



Gregor blinked like a mole as he was hustled out of his dimly-lit cabin into the brightly lit passageway.

His limbs were stiff from days of inactivity and he stumbled and nearly fell, only to be brought up short by the two burly crewmen who were his escorts.

“Clumsy scrote,” one of the sailors hissed. “Keep yer feet under yers while yer still got legs to walk with.”

“I hear Rual’s gonna start by breakin’ both his knees,” the other sailor said.

The first sailor laughed, then gave Gregor a clout alongside the head.

“What he needs is a good Tahn six pack,” he said. He made his hand into a pistol. “Two rounds in the ankle. Two in the knees. And two in the elbows.”

“A Tahn six-pack… I like that,” the second man said.

Gregor kept his mouth shut and hobbled along. He wasn’t worried in the least. For the first time since he was overwhelmed in his cabin when the mutiny broke out, he felt like he was finally back in charge.

Well, not exactly in charge. But well on his way to same.

He’d contacted his father with the device Sten had given him and the old man laid out his whole plan. It was frightening at first – Gregor’s life would never be the same again. But it soon became obvious that Lord Wichman not only had everything well under control, but had once again proven himself to be the King Of The Deal Makers.

“You just hang on, son,” he told Gregor, “and when this is over we’ll have so much power even the Eternal Emperor, himself, will fear us.”

Gregor kept those words close to him as his bodyguards hustled him along, and then a moment later he was shoved into Control Room with such force that he sprawled on his face in front of the assembled crew.

There were cheers and jeers and someone kicked him in the ribs. But after much rough treatment during his captivity he was prepared for it, and doubled up just as the boot connected, lessening the force of the blow.

Then he heard a woman’s imperious voice bark a command: “Let him up! We can’t talk business with his father if he finds his son face down on the deck.”

Someone pulled him roughly to his feet. Gregor looked around, fighting to keep a smile from spreading across his face.

There was Zheng, with his fat toad face. And Rual, who looked crazier than ever, with her hair standing on end and her eyes on fire. And then there was Shaklin who looked on him with such icy hatred that it froze Gregor to the marrow.

Someone helped him to his feet in a less than gentle manner and he found himself looking on the image of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen in his life.

It was Venatora – if not in the flesh, but in a live holocaust – looking every centimeter the pirate queen.

Gregor tried to speak, but her presence was such that all he could manage was stuttered, “My… my… Lady!”

The crew burst out laughing at this, and there was more jeering and several sailors made squeaky-voiced imitations of his “My… my… Lady!”

Gregor coughed, then tried again, fighting for the confidence his father had tried to instill in him.

“Yes, I have, My Lady,” he said. “My father filled in me on the details of the agreement that you and he have hammered out.”

“Excellent,” Venatora said. “I have already told the others about the plan, but they rightly demanded that I offer proof of the agreement.”

“I can help with that, My Lady,” Gregor said.

He fumbled in his pocket, but one of his guards swatted him, growling, “Here, none of that sneaky drakh Captain. What’cha got in there?”

Zheng broke in, commanding: “Leave him be, Guttdammit!”

Chastened, the guard stepped away. Gregor hastily fished out the little com unit Sten had given him and placed it on a nearby table.

The Control Center fell silent as everyone in the room stared at the little black box.

Venatora prodded Gregor into action. “GA,” she said.

And Gregor pressed down on the little box and backed away. It made a beeping sound and started to glow. Gradually, a form began to take shape.

Across the room, Shaklin huddled with his congregants, furious at what he had just heard from Venatora’s lovely lips. He and the others had been betrayed, betrayed.

And the architect of that betrayal rose up from that little box until, standing in front of them – in a live holocast straight from Prime World was Gregor’s father, Lord Wichman.

He of the huge pile of hay-colored hair. He of the round, fleshy face and cold boring eyes that had never known defiance. He of the loud, hail-fellow tones that were always on the make.

And as Shaklin looked on, that big voice boomed out, “Greetings, Lady Venatora. Good to be with you again.”

The image wavered a little as Wichman turned his big body, clad in a stylish businessman’s suit. He looked out over the awed crewmembers.

“I bring tremendous news for all of you,” he aid. “What you are about to hear from me, is huge! Huge! You think you know what rich is, well, let me tell you my friends, as a man who is richer than just about anybody in the Empire - except a few other guys, and of course that big crook, the Eternal Emperor – that you are about to be richer than you could have ever dreamed.”

He paused, flashed an enormous grin at Zheng and Rual.

“And you owe it all to Queen Venatora and your wise leaders, Zheng and Rual…”

Shaklin looked over at Gregor, who wore a smile that was the twin of his father’s.

He began to tremble. One of his people – Murgas, he thought it was – sensed his distress and touched his shoulder, whispering, “Easy, Bishop. Easy. Nothing we can do it about it now.”

Shaklin calmed himself, a little sorry that he hadn’t called down death and destruction on them all by telling Sten to strike and strike now.

Patience, he told himself. Patience.

Across the room Wichman droned on.


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