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                   THREE HOLY KILGOURS                                                          

Ida had a split screen up on the vidwall. On the left, she could see Sten and Alex strapping themselves into the seats of their lighter, and going through their flight check list before setting off to the Jo’l Cash.

On the right – thanks to the bugs Kilgour had planted – she could monitor the Flame’s command room, where crewmembers were gathered around Zheng and Rual.

She didn’t know what they were saying – for some reason the sound wasn’t working yet. But as she fiddled with the controls what she was seeing didn’t bode well.

There was much hand waving, shout-contorted faces, and other signs that Zheng and Rual were resisting demands for an immediate vote to accept the Emperor’s offer. But from all appearances the crew easily held the majority and she doubted the ringleaders of the mutiny could resist much longer.

Good. The sooner they got this crazy ass mission behind them, the sooner she could continue her interrupted vacation. She was anxious to get back to playing the galactic commodities market with her new boy toy. If they put their heads together – as well as other interesting body parts – they could clean up shorting the Imperium X market. She had a little chuckle over that train of thought. You are getting to be a dirty old Rom woman in your old age, Ida, she thought.

She looked over her shoulder at Doc, who was studying the faces and body movements of the crew, paying particular attention to Zheng and Rual. He’d been oddly quiet for the past hour and Ida wondered what the furry little vampire was thinking.

“That seemed to go well enough,” she said. “Sten and Kilgour kept them off guard the whole time. Sten played the big brother, or the uncle near your age, to a perfect ‘T’. Those scrotes were eating it up.”

She glanced at the screens, then back at Doc. “Except for Zheng and Rual,” she added. “They weren’t buying any of it.”

Doc scratched his furry ear and she frowned. This was Doc’s tell. A natural Doubting Thomas, Doc’s psy antenna was almost visibly a quiver when the doubts went to something worse. When that happened he got an itch behind his right ear that demanded immediate relief.

“She isn’t done escalating yet,” he said, indicating Rual. “She’s too worked up and can’t come down. Somebody needs to hit her with either a triple strength opioid or a padded club, whichever is closest to hand.”

More ear scratching. “And that clotting Zheng,” Doc said. “He’s acting like somebody used the above-mentioned padded club on him. It’s like he’s in a trance, letting Rual rail on without stepping in before she loses control.”

Sten’s voice came over the com unit. “That was my reading, too, Doc,” he said. “But now I’m starting to wonder if it’s deliberate. That maybe he wants Rual to blow.”

He fished a com unit out of his pocket. “Let me see if I can connect with Shaklin. Get him to step in.”

Sten spoke into it. Shook his head. Fiddled with controls, then sighed. “No go. Some kind of interference.”

“I’m sorting out the sound, so don’t worry,” Ida said, sounding a little testy. As if everybody thought the problem was her fault.

“Sure, sure, no problem” Sten said as soothingly as he could. Ida could get touchy when things technical dared to defy her.

“Also, Sten,” Ida said, “don’t forget you have the garbage option. If things go south, hit that eject button, and fast.”

She was reminding him of the Paku Defender she’d stashed in the trash chute. It was basically a shield, but with the nasty habit – from the attackers point of view - of not just warding off explosives, but projecting them back at two or three times the original force.

Sten laughed. “That’s right, all I gotta do is take out the trash,” he said.

Meanwhile, in the Flame’s command room, Shaklin was stepping into the fray. Tall and dark, he gave off the auroa of infinite wisdom. In the chaos that had descended upon the command room he was an imposing figure who immediately caught everyone’s attention.

Kilgour noted that although the sound was still cut off and he couldn’t hear what Shaklin was saying, he had an obvious calming influence on the group. Even Rual seemed to settle down a bit.

Alex drew everyone’s attention to the scene. “Dinnae fash, lads and lassies,” he said. “Ah have infinit’t faith in our wee bishop. He’s got the God Of Many Names on his side.”

Sten shot Alex a scoffing, give me a break look. “Since when did you get religion, Kilgour?” he said.

Alex looked miffed. “Why, it’s a well known fact that all Kilgours are religious,” he said. “And we have any number of holy lads and lassies to speak’it to the Big Man fer us.”

“Riiight,” Sten scoffed. He’d heard Alex’s views on religion many times and knew his friend to be a staunch atheist, like himself.

“Och, ye, ay wee faith,” Alex said, “it’s a weelk-knoon fact ‘at aw Kilgours ur religious. Ain we hae onie number ay holy lads and lassies tae speak’it tae the Big Cheil for us.”

“If you say so,” Sten said, as he gently separated the lighter from its berth and started away from the Flame.

Kilgour put a big hand on his chest as if insulted. “Ye be temptin’ the devil, lad,” he said. “Ye shoods ken thaur ur Kilgour priests, ministers, rabbis … ye name’t it, whatever the religion there’s a Kilgour to uphauld it.”

Despite himself, Sten was drawn in. “No wonder there are so many atheists,” he said. “Mystery solved. The Kilgour clan is singlehandedly driving people away from religion.”

“Nothin’ further frae th’ truth,” Alex protested. “Why, three ay mah great-great uncles waur such miracle workers when it cam tae convertin’ th’ unfaithful ‘at they e’en converted a forest foo ay bears.”

“Okay, okay,” Sten said, stricken with the sudden fear that he had just stepped into a Kilgour shaggy dog story trap. “Never mind that. Pay attention to the com board. We have people who’d like to see us dead, you know.”

“Yoo won’t gie off sae easily, young Sten,” Alex said. “Yoohave insulted th’ dignity of the Shaolin Kilgour!”

A swarm of the Flame’s repair bots appeared on the port screen and Sten was kept too busy avoiding them to stop Kilgour’s flow.

“One day three of mah uncles waur takin’ their ease in a pub,” Kilgour said, “discussin’t their favorite ways ay convertin’ folks.

“They were diff’rint because one uncle was a Catholic priest in good standing, anither was a Baptist minister and th’ third was a wee rabbi of the Jewish faith.

“An’ although they wair holy men, they fell intae argument abit who was th’ best. Fer a real challenge of their convertin’ skills, they agreed, wood be tae preach to a bear.

“Weel, one body hin’ led tae anither, an they decided on a experiment. They’d go to th’ woods, fin’ a bear, preach tae it, an attempt tae convert it tae their religion.”

Ida’s voice broke in. “Okay, Kilgour, knock it the clot off. This is neither the time or the place for-“

Kilgour cut her off. “Ye got yer nethers in an uproar, lass,” he said. “Ah fear religion is th’ only cure fur ye.”

And with that, he went on:

“So, back to me three uncles. Seven days later they came together to discuss their experiences.

“Father Kilgour – the priest – hud his arm in a sling, was on crutches an’ hud bandages aw ower his body. He said, ‘I went intae th’ wood tae fin’ me a bear and when Ah found heem, Ah began to read tae heem frae th’ holdy Catechism.

“‘Weel, ‘at furst th’ bear wanted nae tae do wi’ me and began to slap me around. Sae, Ah quickly grabbed me holy water an’ sprinkled heem all over his furry body. An’ – just like tha’ - he became as gentle as a sweet lamb… Th’ bishop is comin’ next week tae gie heem First Communion an’ Confirmation!’”

At that moment the sound aboard the Flame suddenly cut in and they heard a blood-freezing shriek.



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Venice Boardwalk Circa 1969
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