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Hard to find though it might be, The Covenanter was packed arses to carapace with beings from every corner of the Empire. Be they ET or human, they all seemed to be having a loud and boozy good time.

Mahoney even saw traditional enemies like the Suzdal and Jochians competing in round-buying generosity. The main thing seemed to be that they were all space rats together, from greasy engine devils and brawny bosun’s mates to tight-fisted merchant captains and rumpled techs, who all seemed to be wearing glasses, whether they had faces or not.

The bar was decorated Antique Space style, with mysterious bits of machinery, oddly shaped tools, and colorful emblems and banners from the distant past where – as the old timers liked to say – beings were beings and interstellar jumps frequently ended in maiming and even death.

As Mahoney followed Janiz the crowd magically parted before her. And what a magical sight she made: all that bounty contained in a short emerald green tunic, cut low to better display her creamy white charms. Long legs sheathed in thigh-high boots. Fiery red hair spilling over pale shoulders.

On one side was a long bar - made of a material so black it seemed to devour light rather than reflect it. In the center was a jumble of tables and chairs of both human and ET design. Booths lined the other three walls.

One of the booths, Mahoney noted, had a drawn curtain. As they approached he spotted a brass place plate at the base, which read: Booth C. Reserved.

Janiz called out, “Raschid, honey. Your guest is here.”

The curtain parted.

Lounging in the booth was The Eternal Emperor.

“Slide on in, Ian,” the Emperor said. “The narcobeer’s fine.”

The Emperor’s spymaster grinned. “Music to an Irishman’s heart, boss,” he said and slid on in.
As chief of the Emperor’s Mercury Corps – along with its super secret blackarts ancillary, Mantis Section – Mahoney was one of the few people who knew that his boss was wont to – as he put it – “go walkabout” without any notice.

He’d disguise himself as an ordinary citizen. He favored the guise of a chief engineer, hinting that such a role came from his very distant past.

How distant? No one really knew. All histories that dealt with the subject strictly avoided that sort of speculation – much less scholarly study. There were rumors – the sort of rumors only a spymaster would hear – that certain historians who had expressed interest in that area were soon contacted by a rich benefactor who steered them into some other fascinating subject of study. Years of fully-funded research guaranteed. The few who resisted in the spirit of academic freedom tended to disappear, and never be heard from again.

The walkabout business was the Emperor’s way of what he called “rejoining the herd.”

“What everybody’s really talking about, is what I want to know,” he’d say, when letting down his hair to booze with Mahoney.

“Are they working? Kids doing okay? I know they think the government’s full of drakh – and it sure as clot is – but are they really mad about it? Or just blowing steam? I want to see it up close and personal, not through the filter of one of Parliament’s functionaries.”

And so the supreme ruler Mahoney was presently looking at did not resemble anyone the royal courtiers of Prime World had ever seen. He was wearing a merchantman’s uniform that had survived many orbits, with tattered Chief Engineer tabs on either shoulder and a greasy Space Workers Union seniority badge pinned to his chest.

He was a big man. Handsome. Age? A drinking buddy might guess he was thirty five going on forty. Strong features, marked by steely blue eyes that had a slight Asian cast to them.

When the Emperor spoke, he sometimes used unfamiliar words – words that when Mahoney looked them up were last spoken in antiquity. Sometimes when asked a question he’d drift off into extended thought, as if the question had triggered some memory so buried in the distant past that he’d have to peel back the layers century by century.

His moods could be mercurial, although he was always deadly calm in a crisis. At the moment, the Emperor looked cheery – a man looking forward to a boozy night on the town. Ending with some nice soft and fragrant company.

Janiz spoke up, startling Mahoney, who’d momentarily forgotten she was there.

She said, “You look like you could use another, Rashid, honey.” She turned to Ian. “How about you, sweetie? What’s your preference?”

Mahoney nodded at the Emperor’s setup. “Same as the boss,” he said. “Narcobeer with a synthalk back.”

Janiz laughed. Ian liked the sound of it. She said, “You a barrel bombardier too, honey?”

Mahoney frowned. “Barrel bombardier?”

“That’s what he calls them,” she said, nodding at the Emperor. “Barrel bombs. Drops the shot glass into the mug of beer – bombs away! So I named him the Barrel Bombardier.”

They all laughed and then Janiz collected the Emperor’s empty glasses and ankled toward the bar. Mahoney couldn’t help but gaze lustfully at those swaying hips.

“She’s all that… and more, Ian,” the Eternal Emperor said, reading his thoughts.

Mahoney swung back, feeling a bit guilty. He said, “Is she… uh.. I mean are you and she… you know…”

“On and off,” the Emperor said. “More off than on, these days. We had quite the fling twenty years or so ago. Met her on walkabout. She was taking business classes, or some such, by day. Little Joygirl work at night. Down on her luck when we met. Run over by a bad choice in boyfriends, or something. I was down myself. It was a bad time in the throneroom, I’ll tell you that.

“Anyway, we clicked. Got her a place. Some off-the-books government work. And told her I’d mostly be off on merchant runs and I’d see her when I could. Meanwhile, she could do what she liked.

“Eventually the passion cooled, as they say, but we remained friends. So I set her up in business.” He waved around the room. “We own it together with me playing the part of the very silent partner.”

Janiz was coming back through the crowd, carrying a tray of drinks.

Mahoney said, “So you and she… are… uh…”

The Emperor laughed. “Sorry, Ian. Out of luck tonight.”

He grew serious. “They’re getting to me, Ian.”

Mahoney didn’t have to ask who They were. “Yeah, I know boss.”

“And Janiz… Well, she has the way of…”

He let the rest trail off as Janiz reached them and started unloading her tray. She looked at Mahoney. “You look lonely, honey,” she said. “Some silly woman disappoint you?”

Mahoney sighed. “I wish,” he said.

But then, the whole situation suddenly struck Mahoney as incredibly funny. He started laughing and kept on laughing until it turned to coughing and the Emperor was slapping him on the back.

“Drink up, Ian,” he said. “A barrel bomb will cure what ails you.”

And so he did. Dropping the shotglass of synthalk into the mug of narcobeer, then chugging it down in one long pull.

He set the empty mug down. Burped. “I’ve taken my medication,” he said, “and I feel much better now.”

More laughter. Finally, Janiz ankled away to tend her other customers.


Then the Emperor reached under the table and palmed a button. The curtain closed and all sound from the outside vanished. Mahoney realized this was state of the state of the art security stuff. Impervious to electronic penetration.

The Eternal Emperor leaned across the table. “Now, tell me, Ian,” he said. “What the clot are we going to do about those damned mutineers?”




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