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“I know the situation is an embarrassment, Your Highness,” Mahoney said, dropping all informality the moment the curtains shut off the outside world. “But we can’t just send in an Imperial Cruiser and snatch them up.”

“I don’t mind a little embarrassment, Colonel,” the Emperor said, “as long as I have a willing scapegoat I can blame it on. Some functionary who will fall on his sword for the greater good of the Empire and a guaranteed lifetime of wealth.”

“Yes sir, Your Highness, sir,” was all Mahoney said. When the boss wanted the floor, it was best to give it to him.

“For someone to steal an entire spacetrain of Imperium X would be blow enough,” the Emperor said. “But we’d just be talking piracy and they’re all insured for pirates.

"It would shake the drakh out of the insurance companies, but I could shore them up with a little creative bookkeeping.

“Meanwhile, I’d send a cruiser – hell, I might send a whole clotting fleet – and I’d kick some pirate ass and get the Imperium X back. Put the proceeds in the royal treasury to offset all those credits I’d spent.”

He sighed, took a pull on the mug, then said, “But it wasn’t pirates that stole a two-hundred-kilometer-long ore train. No, it was a group of my very own beings. True blue and loyal Imperial merchantmen who proved to be vipers. Traitors.”

And he almost spit the last – “Mutineers.”

Once again, silence reigned.

Mahoney waited to make sure.

“I’m done, Ian,” the Emperor said. “Now, tell me what we’re up against. What are their latest demands?”

Mahoney said, “Sir, they claim they’ve got a handsome offer from those rogues over in the Possnett Belt. A fortune in credits, Your Majesty, plus asylum – from us.”

“I’m not surprised,” the Emperor said. “All that Imperium X. The second most valuable commodity in my Empire.”

Mahoney nodded. It went without saying that the most valuable commodity was AM2. The stuff that fueled the Empire. But without Imperium X as the shield, Anti-Matter Two was useless. And without AM2 – the ultimate energy source - the Empire would collapse.

He said, “What they want from us is to better the deal.” After a pause, he added, “And they want amnesty.”

The Emperor glared at Mahoney. “Amnesty?” he said. “I’ll give them amnesty. I’ll have them skinned alive. I’ll have them drawn and quartered. I’ll have them-” 

He broke off. Drained his glass. Muttered to himself.

Mahoney frowned. “Drawn and quartered, sir?”

The Emperor waved the question away. “I hope you have a plan, Ian.” His tone was icy.

“I do, sir,” Mahoney said. “At least the beginnings of one. As you know, sir, if they spot us coming, they’ll just go over to the pirates. Sell their goods and pickle their livers for the rest of their lives.”

“Which is why I’m meeting with you right now, Ian,” the Emperor said, “and not a table-full of generals and admirals. We need sneaky, here, and you give good sneaky.”

“Well, sir,” Ian said, “If you really want sneaky it so happens we have a Mantis team in the area. Just over by the Lupus Cluster.”

The Emperor frowned, then remembered. “That young lieutenant,” he said. “The one who handled the Wolf Worlds matter so handily. His name was… Sten. Yes. That’s it. Sten.”

“The very one, sir,” Mahoney said.

The Emperor frowned. “I thought I had him promoted to captain,” he said.

“You did, sir.”

“And wasn’t I going to put him in charge of my Gurkha guard?”

“You were, sir.”

The Emperor’s brow cleared. “Ah, I recall now. All that trouble broke out in the Frontier Worlds. Greedy mining companies. Smugglers. Pirates. So I thought it best to freeze him in place. Keep him handy for when we needed him.”

“Yessir. That was the decision, sir.”

“How wise of me,” the Emperor said.

“Indeed it was, sir,” Mahoney said. He paused, then added. “I thought it best not to mention his impending promotion until the situation changed, sir. Besides, the seasoning will do him good.”

“If I were young Sten,” the Emperor said, “I’d be pretty ticked off that I didn’t get any recognition for cleaning up that Lupus Cluster mess.”

Mahoney sighed. “He probably is, sir,” he said. “But he’s a soldier and he has to learn to just suck it up. Besides, I’ll make it up to him later.”

The Emperor shrugged. “Well, ticked off or not, he’s just where we need him and he’s the perfect choice to clean up this brand new mess.”

“Yessir,” Mahoney said.

“Okay, Ian, with Sten we have a good start.” The Emperor said. “Talk to him and see what that nasty Mantis brain of his can come up with. Give him carte blanche to act as he sees fit.”
“Yes sir,” Mahoney said. “Right away, sir.”

He started to rise. The Emperor motioned for him to sit. He sat.

“One more things,” the Emperor said.

“Yes, your Highness?”

“That captain? The one the mutineers took hostage?”

Mahoney thought. Then remembered. Grimaced. “Gregor, sir” he said. “Captain Gregor.”

When he’d checked the files he’d found that Gregor was one of the most incompetent morale killers in the Royal Navy. The only reason he had the job was because the Imperium X boom in the Fringe Regions. The Imperial military was so overstretched, even the dregs were swept up into positions of authority. With him as captain, no wonder the crew mutinied.

“Right, Gregor,” the Emperor said. “He’s got a rich daddy who wants him back."

After reading the file, Mahoney couldn’t understand why.

After reading the file, Mahoney couldn’t understand why.

Gregor was such a scrote it was hard to imagine him being the apple of any father’s eye.

However, in this case the rich daddy in question was one Lord Wichman, who built and owned exclusive resorts, casinos, sporting facilities all over the Empire, along with countless other enterprises, ranging from a line of faux gourmet food items such as soya steak (an oxymoron if Mahoney ever heard one), to some very bad wine and liqueurs that had superb ratings from certain influential critics who were on the take.

Naturally, Wichman’s ego was huge and he plastered his name on enormous signs and banners on all his holdings.

Mahoney sighed. Sometimes sentient beings were beyond comprehension. However, Ian knew the Emperor had an even lower opinion of the man than he did. And if his boss deemed it necessity to free Gregor from the clutches of the mutineers, he obviously had very good reasons for it.

“And the amnesty, sir?” he asked. “Do we agree to that?”

The Emperor waved that away. “Sure, sure,” he said. “Tell young Sten he can definitely offer amnesty.”





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