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Kilgour said, “I cannae bloody see.”

Stifling a groan, Sten turned his head in the direction of Alex’s voice. He felt dizzy. Confused. With great difficulty, he pondered Kilgour’s dilemma.

Finally, all he could think to say was: “Have you tried opening your eyes?”

He sensed movement. A large body shifting. Joints cracking. Then: “Ouch!”

“What’s wrong?”

“Stuck a bloody finger in me peeper.” A pause, then, “Who shut off the clottin’ lights?”

Sten laughed and was immediately sorry. His body felt like it had been hit with a planet buster. He considered Alex’s question a moment, then remembered.

“That would be me,” he said. “When they jumped us I just had time enough to cut a handy power cable.”

Even though he couldn’t see his friend’s face, Sten sensed confusion easily equal to his own.

“When who jumped us?” Kilgour said. “Last thin’ Ah remember is arguin’ aboot who should drive the gravsled.

“Then you don’t remember Mahoney?” Sten asked.

Another long pause. Finally: “Oh, aye. Th’ wee colonel. We were supposed tae meet up fur orders. Somethin’ abit some mutineers.”

“We had the meeting,” Sten said, recalling same. “And we got our orders.”

Alex sighed. “Ah don’t quite recollect. Are we supposed tae kill th’ puir buggers? If so, we’ve got tae catch them first.”

Sten said, “We weren’t supposed to kill anybody. Not yet, at any rate. This was just supposed to be a recon job. Meet a barkeep. Get some intel. Maybe set a trap.”

Another groan as Alex shifted his bulk. He said, “Mah puir bones say we must’ve started on th’ meetin’ part ay the business.”

“Your bones would be correct,” Sten said. “When we get some light on the subject, you’ll find a few bodies crammed in here with us. Two of them have crushed larynxes. That was you. The other sports a second mouth. In her neck. That was me."

“When I cut the power cable I also managed to cut someone's throat before I blacked out. My back is sticky, so I’m assuming I’m lying in the scrote’s blood.”

Silence. Sten hoped his heavy-worlder friend was coming out of his drug-induced state and was starting to get a handle on things.

“What do we do next, wee Sten?” he finally asked.

Before Sten could answer a red pinlight blinked into life just above his head. His com unit buzzed then he heard Ida’s voice in his ear. She was cursing a blue steak. “Drakh and fall back in it. I’ve been trying to roust you two scrotes out for two small forevers.”

“Well, now you’ve got us,” Sten said. “The only problem is we don’t know where the clot we are. Our minds seem to be stuffed with mud."

Ida grunted. “Something much worse and smellier is more likely,” she said. “Actually, they hit you with a couple of hypoguns. Nothing life threatening. But you might be missing some of your short term memory for awhile.”

She fell silent for a moment and Sten could imagine her aboard the The Storm punching in numbers. Mental correction. The Storm was still in the yard. Ida would be aboard their new ship, the Jo’l Cash.

“So where the clot are we?” Sten asked.

Ida said, “You’re in a tool shed about three levels below the bar where you started out.”

“But what about the mutineers?” Sten asked. “The guys Snilch told us about.”

“Snilch?” Alex broke in. “Who the clot is Snilch?”

Ida ignored him. She said: “Hello! Anybody home. Oh, for drakh’s sake, don’t you get it, Sten? We’ve been conned. Snookered. Flimflammed. Snilch was lying through that little twisted beak of his.”

Silence as Sten took this in and Alex tried to come up to speed. A little more memory filtered in and Sten suddenly had an awful feeling.

“Ah, drakh,” he groaned. “Those beings we killed? By any chance were they….”

“Himmenops,” Ida finished for him. “A squad of Venatora’s superwomen.”

“How in hell-“

Once again Ida broke through. “Never mind the how,” Ida said. “It’ll come to you by and by. Meanwhile, I’m sure you’ll recall that those Himmenops have many largish sisters with pissy moods at the best of times. And right now they are on the way looking for paybacks.”

For a crazy, heat-filled moment Sten thought of asking if Venatora was with them. Instead he said, “Then you’d better hurry and get us the clot out of here.”

“Roger, that,” Ida said. Sten imagined her fingers flying across keys as she made the patch. Then she intoned: “Let there be light.”

Suddenly the darkness vanished to be replaced by glaring yellow lights beaming from the ceiling.

“Ouch,” Alex said, rubbing his eyes. “Th’ lass has nae gentleness in her. She jist hits ye an’ goes about her merry way.”

Sten found himself in a hidey-hole that he only vaguely recalled. There was no doubt that it was a tool room – it was crowded with benches and machines and various mechanical devices. The room was small – there was barely space for Sten and his heavy-worlder companion - whose bulk filled one whole side - much less the ghastly remains of their companions.

Crammed next to Alex were two very dead Himmenops. Even in death their musculature was such that Sten couldn’t imagine that anyone – even Alex – could have bested them in a hand-to-hand fight. But the odd tilt of their necks told the tale.

Next to Sten was another Himmenops, her nearly naked body twisted in her last desperate efforts to breathe. A bloody second mouth gaped below her chiseled chin. Sten remembered carving that second mouth just before he went under.

With difficulty, he climbed to his knees and reached for the airlock’s wheel. It refused to turn. Sten shrugged, flexed his wrist just so and his knife leaped from its fleshy sheath in his arm and his fingers curled around its slender haft.

Anticipating his actions, Ida said, “Unless you’re suited up, better drop the idea of cutting yourself out of your little home away from home. When the others fled, they dumped the atmosphere.”

Alex spoke up. “Cheers for the warnin’, darlin’.”

“Don’t call me darling,” Ida snapped.

“Oh, aye,” Alex said. “Ah was thinkin’ on anither word, but thought it micht be impolite.”

He was sitting up now, pushing one body onto the other to give himself more room. He rolled his shoulders and cracked his knuckles.

“Ah’m Red Rory of th’ toolroom,” he intoned.

“Who the clot is Red Rory?” Ida asked.

Sten jumped in. “Shut up, Ida,” he pleaded. “Or he’ll tell you. In infinite detail. Now, about your plans to get us the clot out of here.”

Ida said, “I’ve tracked the atmospheric supply network and will have that fixed in a minute or two. And I’ve got three of our Marines on the way.”

Kilgour frowned. “Marines? We have Marines?” Then light dawned. “Oh, aye. We hae a full crew ay squadies noo, don’t we?” he said. “They’ll be makin’ ye a full admiral affair ye ken it, wee Sten.”

Sten couldn’t help but grin. He’d felt a little otherwordly when command of the sleek Radoslaw class fighter had been turned over to him. The Jo’l Cash had a crew of 75, missile batteries, chainguns – all the things a young being would pine for when headed into combat.

Of course, he didn’t have the faintest idea how to run the ship, so it also came with a captain, complete with graying hair, steely eyes, and an attitude that plainly showed that she did not appreciate having to take orders from a mere lieutenant who was about the age of her twenty-something son. She was also incompetent as clot. It was the captain, after all, who had gotten them into this mess.

In Sten’s experience incompetent people, stupid people, knew their flaws and resented the clot out of anyone with even a gram of ability, and took it out on them every chance they could.

Ida’s voice broke through. “You there, Sten?”

“For better or worse,” Sten said.

“Well, you’d better come up with something fast,” Ida said, “or this whole exercise will be a complete waste.”

“Cheers fur remindin’ us, mah wee tub of Rom,” Alex said. He patted the cheek of one of the corpses. “An’ here we waur thinkin’ evr’thin’ was hunky dory.”



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