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The congregation of the Church Of The Universal Location sat hunched over their holo boards, crystalline light wands flickering as they built a wondrous image.
Swirling numbers and symbols cometed across uttermost space, leaving glowing trails and bursts of light as miniature suns bloomed, then died; planets were ripped from orbit and thrown into one another, shattering into great sparkling clouds of rock and ice and dust.
In the center - directing the congregation like an orchestra – was the dark, slender figure of Bishop Shaklin, waving elegant arms to the rhythm of inner music, beaded dreadlocks clacking, keeping time.
As exotic and complex as the slowly developing scene on the Holoimager appeared, Shaklin devoted only a small part of his brain on the group’s mutual task: navigating the tricky shoals of the Possnet Sector.
It was a desolate place, created by a billion-year-old disaster. It was like the island chains on ancient Earth, where continental shelves collided and volcanoes erupted on the floor of the seas, dribbling out land masses in the form of molten lava.
And like the islands, the desolate mini-worlds of Possnet Sector were inhabited by beings who had fled famine and pestilence and the wrath of others.
It was an ideal “Hole In The Wall” for criminals and terrorists and pirates like Venatora and her Himmenops. They were by far the most powerful and feared of the Possnet pirates and if Venatora drew Aces in her deadly game for the Emperor’s Imperium X she would rival the Eternal Emperor himself out here in the Fringe Worlds.
And if he tried to send the Imperial Guard in after her, the Emperor’s losses would be enormous.
The Flame sat on the very edge of her mini-kingdom. Shaklin jabbed his wand at one section and a red light started flashing. Directing his congregation to follow his lead, he waved his wand and more red lights popped up.
Some of the lights represented Venatora’s fortresses, all defended by her Zabanya guardswomen. Most were mine fields carefully laid out to confound even the most sophisticated battle computers. The mines were the best one could buy on the black arms market and were quite capable of taking out an Imperial battleship if an over confident ship’s captain became careless.
Venatora had been pressing the mutineers to conclude the deal. Zheng and Rual were all but convinced, especially as the anxiety level of the other crewmembers rose to the overboiling point.
Still, Shaklin urged patience. He appealed to the greed of Zheng and Rual, pointing out that the Emperor could easily outbid Venatora and there was no reason to believe that he’d ever let all that Imperium X loose on the black market.
Shaklin, however, was mainly concerned about what kind of lonely existence they were all in for if they had to take refuge in the Possnet Sector for the rest of their lives.
“We can never leave,” he told them. “The Emperor will have a price on all our heads. Why, some of the other pirates might even be tempted to betray us to the Imperials.”
“The clottin’ Emperor will never give us amnesty,” Rual insisted during one heated discussion. Rual was starting to get over excited, pacing up and down, waving her arms. “And even if he does agree, how do we know he’ll keep his word?”
Shaklin knew that much of Rual’s reluctance was that he wanted avenge himself on Gregor. He had some sympathy with that view, although violence was abhorrent to all members of the Church Of The Universal Location.
At the perfect intersection of locus points there would be eternal peace and plenty for all beings who dared travel the soul-wearying path of enlightenment.
He and his people had been on that long journey as far as anyone could remember. In the distant past, of which there were only oral records – tales told on wintery nights – his people had always been on that Road To Salvation, be it across desert wastes, briny seas, steaming jungles, or bitterly cold and dark Uttermost Space.
No, he would avoid violence – unless it was absolutely necessary to protect himself and his congregation.
Besides, he doubted they could trust either one of them. When it came lies and betrayal, he suspected the Eternal Emperor and the Pirate Queen were equals.
And it was for this reason that Shaklin was desperately seeking a third way.
He and his congregation had been swept up in the mutiny. Gregor was a cruel master and it was a wonder his throat hadn’t been cut long before.
And so the congregation had rioted and mutinied with the others. Shaklin was ashamed to admit that they had allowed greed to color their thinking as much as the others. Dreams of enough credits to free themselves from all duties except the search for the Universal Location.
The Elders had been predicting a breakthrough for several decades now. Shaklin wondered – no he prayed – that this mutiny would turn out to be a nugget of luck that would fund that final breakthrough to The Other.
But then reality had set in. And the viciousness of some of their fellow crewmembers – especially the ringleaders, Zheng and Rual – was appalling.
Once he’d recovered his senses, Shaklin started to plot another course. They would have to go along with the negotiations. Buying time to find another path.
There was a small escape craft on the Flame that Shaklin had been secretly rigging for a long jump. They would need supplies. And, yes, as much as he abhorred the idea, they would need weapons as well.
In the game between Venatora and the Emperor, there was sure to be a moment of maximum confusion when he and his congregation could slip away.
And the next thing anyone knew, they’d be gone.
Shaklin smiled to himself. He might have even found a way to take a few of the ore cars with them. They could be sold for more than enough to fund years of travel and research.
Just then – on the far edge of swirling image – he saw a blip. Just a drop of golden light.
There it was again.
And again.
Then it was gone.
Shaklin turned his head. Across the chamber, Zheng was slumped in a gravchair, while Rual paced nervously back and forth.
Every once in awhile Zheng would take a surreptitious nip from a silver flask, his pink tongue darting in to lap up the spirits. Rual’s long, skeletal face seemed more drawn than usual. And her huge, never-blinking eyes seemed to stare into nothingness.
There was another blip on the Holoimager. A drop of gold that appeared and then vanished so quickly you wondered if it was imaginary.
And then it came again, and Shaklin looked over at Zheng. Rual, who could never stay still for a second, saw him turn.
She elbowed Zheng.
Zheng looked up – expectant. Struggling to hide sudden fear.

And Shaklin mouthed the words, “They’re coming.”

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